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Measuring Devices

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Humidity-Measurement and Regulation

    Measuring Humidity:

    PSYCHROMETER  (various temperature ranges, accuracy 0,5%, incl. accessories)

    As a Psychrometer delivers the most precise humidity values it is the only economic control device for all common humidity sensors.

    Anybody interested in precise humidity control should invest into such an instrument.

    A psychrometer consists of two parallel thermometers - one of them is moistened with distilled water before starting the measuring cycle ("wet temperature").

    According to construction principles of a psychrometer two temperatures  ["dry" and  "wet"] are set either automatically or by rotating the thermometers around a handle whereby the value of the wet thermometer shows the dew point.

    (The dew point is the temperature where the maximum of absolute air moisture is reached).

Simple rotating Psychrometer

With an integrated scale the current relative humidity can be determined from the two measured temperatures.

Art. Nr. K 175 280
incl. 20 cm spare wick
Price    €  48,50

Operating instructions for this psychrometers can be downloaded as PDF; activate the link shown



Psychrometer for  Outdoor Mounting with integrated humidity scale

Temperature range: -15° to 50°C in steps of 1°C
Art.Nr. K 175 360
incl. 20 cm spare wick
Price    €  49,50


Psychrometer for Wall Mounting

Temperature range: -10° to 60°C in steps of 0,5°C
with water vessel and humidity scale
Art.Nr. K 175 340
incl. 20 cm spare wick
Price    €  199,00


Rugged Psychrometer  - crome-plated version
Temperature range : -35° to 40°C in steps of 0,5°C  
swing-out handle, humidity-nomogramm
Art.Nr. K 175 210
incl. 20 cm spare wick
Price    €  210,0



Humidity Control :

According to application profile and desired accuracy various types of hygrostats can be offered. The devices shown here have been used for many years in our fogging plants and are characterized by reasonable accuracy, good and long-range repetition accuracy and low maintenance needs. They also show a good price/performance rating and can be calibrated easily by means of a psychrometer.

Field of Application

Technical Description

Price Indication€ 

  • Research Institutions
  • Climatization
  • Cultured Fungi
  • remotely controlled plants

Electronic Humidity Sensor Typ EFD,

0-96% rH, switching accuracy in the range of > 80% rH smaller +/- 5%, with value converter, digital display, remote setting of desired value and optional alarms for limit overflow or underrun of limit values.

no picture


from € 545,--

  • commercial nurseries
  • storage
  • tree nurseries

Mechanical Humidity Sensor Typ MF-A1,

measures with expansion of cotton threads,  0-96% rH, switching accuracy > 80% rH smaller +/- 5%, setting of desired value directly on the device

will follow
  • commercial nurseries
  • print shops
  • wintergardens

Mechanical Humidity Sensor Typ MF-X1,

measures with expansion of nylon threads,  30-96% rH, switching accuracy > 80% rH smaller +/- 7%, setting of desired value directly on the device

will follow
  • private applications - e.g. caring for animals or plants

Mechanical Humidity Sensor Typ Hy 10 75 -

desired value set directly between 10 and 75 % rH

will follow
  • special plants which need an extremely precise humidity regime

Climate Control 
controls temperature and humidity , incl. software, aerated humidity controlbox (psychrometer), Controller-Modem, var. special cables, data input for PC-utilization, switching accuracy +/- 1% even in saturation area !

will follow

Dew Scale complete

Controlling transformer 230/24 VAC only as special package - price quotation on request

Magnetic valves, closed at no current, 0.3-10 bar, with coils 230VAC, 14W, inner thread on
both sides

Dew Scale System Helfert

This Dew Scale is a device which can be adjusted individually and precisely to control fogging- or sprinkler-plants.
At a predefined degree of wetting - adjusted with a precise knurled screw - the water inlet of the system is shut off by means of a magnetic valve.

Transformer 230/24 VAC only on special request

In case of interest contact the manufacturer directly:
Firma Fritz Fackert GmbH&Co KG Moers, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 39
47445 Germany

Contact person: Mr. Martin Fackert

Internet:, e-mail: 
Tel.: 0049-2841 –88 8670-0







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Measuring Devices

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