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Who ?


Where ?

A - 2401 Fischamend
Bahnstraße 1

Fon: +43-677 612 691 19

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What ?

Development and production of High-Pressure Humidification Plants, Nozzle-Technology, Control Equipment

What ?

o    Solutions for various problems in Humidification and Climatization - for example for Wintergardens, Terrariums, Glasshouses, Conservatories for private or commercial applications

o    to increase quality and yield in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry,

o    for technical and chemical applications

o    for research- and development

o    for climatization and show-effects in Botanical Gardens, Zoos, Safariparks as well as for movie- and TV-productions

o    for adiabatic cooling of conservatories, stables and storage areas in hot climates

o    for protection of crops against early or late hoar-frost

How ?

Filtered water is expressed through special nozzles with pressures of 60 to 150 bar whereby it is vaporized into microscopic droplets with diameters of 5 to 25 thousands of a millimeter. The droplets are small enough to hover by themselves and vaporize very fast - creating various physical effects which can be used as needed.


You have problems in one of these directions - do not hesitate to call us - we are sure to present you an optimal and economic solution.


Where are we ?

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We live in the beautiful town of  Fischamend

only some km east of the International Airport of Vienna - Wien-Schwechat

Beschreibung: C:\Users\Dolejsi\Desktop\PlantfogWebseiteSicherung\bilder\Fischamendplan.jpg

if traveling by car from Vienna : Autobahn A4 (E60) to exit airport (Flughafen), shortly after the exit branch off to Fischamend and B9 in the direction Fischamend/Hainburg;
some 100 m following the entry into town on the right side, immediately besides the flower shop
(looking at the gate-tower and before crossing the bridge)
Simmeringer Hauptstraße to the Airport - which then becomes
B9 - then like above

if traveling by car from Hainburg / Bratislava / Budapest : either B9, and then through the town,
shortly after the gate-tower and the bridge - on the left side, besides the flower shop

Autobahn A4 Exit 19 (Fischamend) entering the town as described above

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About Us ... and our Team

... Welcome in the Realm of the Fog-Wizards ...a short story about PLANTFOG....

Our moderate family business develops, designs, sells and installs - by now in the second generation - since more than 19 years exclusively High-Pressure Moisturization-Plants for a broad variety of applications.
This long time of confrontation with all kinds of applications - in plants in Austria as well as abroad - has provided us with a wealth of application knowledge.

By means of self-developed components we are able to solve many - so far declared unsolvable - problems around the topics of Humidification, Climatisation and Cooling.

All inquiries presented to us which have so far not been solved successfully are topics of our research department. In many cases we will try to develop new solutions together with our customers by means of mutually financed prototype-systems.

Thanks to an almost indestructible fogging-nozzle of our own design and production as well as for our extremely long guarantee-periods we have earned the fame to provide humidification-systems with the highest price/performance-rating worldwide.

We are proud that our systems are used and recommended by many Universities and satisfied customer here in Austria as well as abroad.

... and now about our Fogging-Systems:

The original Plantfog-Systems have been used almost exclusively for applications in commercial nurseries and forestry. They have been extended and upgraded continuously in cooperation with our customers and now we have arrived at product standards which are (almost) perfect.
Based on a broad variety of application profiles we have developed new types of systems - based on proven technology - where we would like to mention just
"tropic" and the modular system "profi-plus" .
Our principles of highest quality and user-friendlyness has remained the same during all these years. Our concepts of moisturization systems is based on extremely robust electro-mechanical control boxes, low voltage systems and various fail-safe controls as standard design concepts.
Operating- and maintenance instructions will be delivered without additional cost in the needed national language(s).

§  Whenever you face unsolved problems regarding humidification, talk with us - we will try hard to solve your problems

§  If you want have a look at the PLANTFOG-Team .... browse further down ...

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