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Customer Profiles for our Small System can be reviewed HERE  ...




    Demands of Universities and Research Institutions usually cannot be satisfied with "off-the shelve Systems"...

    Therefore we are convinced that discussing the application profile and problems with the experts and following a joint development of an application profile, as well as input for public tender documents are important parts of any project.

    Send us a synopsis of your ideas !

University Center 
Althanstraße (UZA 1) Vienna

  • Institute for Ecology and Conservation
    Dept. for
    Plant Physiology and Primary Productions -
    University Vienna - Prof. Dr. Bolhar-Nordenkamp
    Several plants installed with a total of 13 control circuits for 5 conservatories and 8 climate chambers (several construction phases from 1987 to today)
  • Institute for Ecophysiology and Functional Anatomy,
    Ass. Prof. Dr. Postl - „tropic-IP65“ Small Fogging Plants for experiments and teaching
  • Institute für Behavioural Biology
    Breeding area for Monkeys
    Humidification System "fogblower-3"

Garden of the  Institute for Plant Physiology

  • two display and lecture-houses in the Augarten, Vienna - 
    Prof. Dr. Bolhar-Nordenkamp

University Center
Althanstraße (UZA2)

  • Institute for Pharmakognosy - Culture and in-vitro-propagation of medicinal plants
    Prof. Dr. Länger, Dipl. Ing. Wawrosch 
    roof-conservatory with  7 departments
    (erected 1995)
    2 climate chambers with a total of 9 control circuits erected 1995)

University of Natural Ressources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna

  • Institute for Botany and Forestry,
    Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Glatzl
    Research Houses
    , 9 departments
    (since 1984, various adaptions until today)

Austrian Agency for Health and Nutrition

  • Three large Glasshouse-Complexes with 75 individual climate cabins of various sizes (erected 1995) - this is the largest humidification installation ever created in Europe
    invested volume some 305.000,-- Euro
    Infos: Ing. Zederbauer (manager) or
    Dipl. Ing. Leonhard

Institute for Agrarian Biotechnology, Tulln

  • one large climate chamber with 2 control circuits
    Prof. Dr. Ruckenbauer

Institute for Botany - University Vienna
Botanic Garden in the Belvedere

  • scientific collections of Bromelias and Tropical Trees, Orchids and a Palmarium - in total 3 aggregates with 7 independent control circuits (since 1990 till today)
  • Prof. Dr. Kiehn,
    Dipl. Ing. Schumacher - manager

Veterinary University Vienna

  • two Glasshouses for research of fodder plants
    Dipl. Ing. Nowak,
    Ms. Fosser- technician

University Graz

  • Botanic Garden  University Graz,
    Glasshouse-Complex with cool and warm houses, tropical house, research; five pump aggregates with a total of 16 individual control circuits.
    Manager Mr. Gigerl

Palm House

  • Palm House in the Park of Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna - climatization of three separate climate zones - now in operation for more than 20 years without problems !

Reaktorzentrum Seibersdorf near Vienna

  • Institute for Environmental Research and Gene Technology - Dipl. Ing. Grahsl

Horticultural College, Vienna

  • Park of Schönbrunn Castle
    in total four aggregates in training glasshouses
    Prof. Dr. Halbmeier (since 1984)

Federal Agency for Forest Research, Vienna

  • High Pressure Foggingplant for 2 Glasshouses 
    Ing. Karl Sieberer

Institute for Agrobiotechnology (IFA) Tulln

  • one climate chamber with two control circuits,
    Prof. Ruckenbauer (1994)

Botanic Garden University Salzburg

  • New University Freisaal,
    Glasshouse 100 m long, 8 climate zones
    (erected 1984 ) - manager: Hr. Kundrath

Technical University, Vienna

  • Institute for Combustion Engineering, Experiments and Research, Dipl. Ing. Sihorsch

Botanic Garden University Innsbruck

  • Climatization of Glasshouses


Botanic Garden University Bremen

  • Rhododendronpark, large displayhouse,
    several research houses

University München

  • Research Institute Weihenstephan

University Osnabrück

  • Research houses

College for Gardening

  • Research houses

College for Gardening

  • Research houses

Saxonian Institute for Environment, Agriculture and Geology, Pillnitz

Sachsenforst Nursery near Dresden

  1. new research glasshouse (12 x 28 m) with adiabatic clooling,
    in addition 6 propagation cubicles with individual climate control

University Kottbus

  • Institute for Combustion Engineering, Dr. Wolters

University Kiel

  • Institute for Phytopathologie, Dr. Frank Schnieder

Technical University Kottbus

  • Institute for Combustion Engineering,
    Experiments and Research

University Hannover

  • Institute for Pomiculture, Prof. Dr. Spethmann
    Field Office Sarstedt, Dipl. Ing. Huhn

University Zürich

  • Institute for Forestry, Birmensdorf

University Nikosia


University Ljubljana

  • Institute for Pomiculture, breeding of chestnust trees
    Dipl. Ing. Gregor Osterc
  • New Conservatory in the Botanical Garden of the University

University of Bedford

  • Institut for Forest Ecology

University Budapest

  • Field office for grain research Györ

Institute for Forest Ecology

  • Vegetative Propagation of Oak and Spruce
    Ing. Dan Simion

Czech Republic


University Prague

  • Research Glasshouses of the Institute for Forest Ecology,
    Mr. Neuhofer

Forest Research Institute

  • Research Station
    Ing. Milian Sarvas PhD

University Teheran

  • Field office of the Institute for Vegetable Production Varamin


    to be continued ...

Customer Profiles High Pressue Systems
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