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Matej Kline - Maribor, Slovenia

First I met you on May 2004 in Exotica reptile expo.

You were demonstrating your fogging system "tropic". Already at that time I knew that I will buy it.
I'm breeding chameleons and it was always a problem with moisture.

New born babies as well as young ones need high humidity rates. Chameleons are known to lick rain drops from the leaves. So the system is perfect supplier of drinking water for them. They lick water drops from leaves and terrarium walls.

Also the system is very adjustable when it comes to set the duration of moistening ; with a timer you can turn it on how many times they need.





"Tropic" has decreased mortality rate of babies in the first month by 34%.

It is the best way of monitoring humidity in terrarium.

View from above - Lights and Fogging Nozzles

Frank Krebs, Germany

Half a year ago I searched for possibilities to keep the humidity in my terrarium [where I keep two Boa constrictors] at a constant level of some 60-70% I found after lengthy Internet-searches your homepage.

I explained my problems to keep a high temperature of
28-32 C with the desired humidity of 60-70% rH in a terrarium measuring 130 x 60 x 80 cm .

You have been very friendly and cooperative and took quite some time do discuss my problems and to give advice.
As you noticed that I was not fully convinced whether the humidification would not create too much wetness in my terrarium you surprised me because you proposed to send a "tropic" via mail so that I would test the system and send it back in case I was not satisfied.

Your parcel arrived two days later and contained even a second nozzle for testing with the remark to just send it back if I would not need it.
Following the second day of my testing I sent the second nozzle back and paid my invoice.
I want to thank you again and promised to tell my success-story as input to other people.

With thanks to your "tropic"-system I can now enjoy my vacations - my two Boa constrictor. imperator from Costa Rica, DNZ 04/2002, have no problem whatsoever with their skin-shedding and live happily in magnificent colors thank to the constant humidity of more than 60% rH.

16. January 2004

Michael Steiner keeping Agamas


We are Lucy und Max - two Pogona viteceps.
Originally we are living in the Australian desert and do not like moisture too much - we like it warm and dry.

Only in the morning, whenever some moisture condenses we like to lick some drop from rocks or take up some water with our skin.
The fogging nozzle and the automatic control provided by Plantfog make this possible also in our small realm.
With only 15 sec of the finest fog - shortly preceding the light in the morning - we are totally happy.

The control functions and the subtleness of the fog provided by Plantfog are just ideal and it would be very hard to find something comparable for terrariums.




left: controlbox + pump + watertank (mounted invisibly in the case)

right: fog stream in the terrarium


Customer Profiles Small Systems
Customer Reports on Care for Reptiles



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