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Schärf Coffee Machines

Atrium Plantation with Coffee Trees

In the entrance hall of the new Coffee Centre of the Austrian Manufacturer Schärf in Neusiedl am Neusiedlersee (Burgenland, eastern Austria) some coffee trees have been planted in the symbolic outline of a coffee bean.

The task was to create a suitable micro-climate for the delicate tree in the rather large and
very high reception hall while keeping the climatization equipment optically and acoustically unobtrusive.
Furthermore it was very important to keep the climatization local so that no water condensation
occurs on the glass front of the hall.

Plantfog solved this problems by installing two small foggers of type "exotic"

The two systems are installed invisibly in the substrate where the coffee trees are planted.
In the left picture the container for the system left of the path is still visible, the other container right of the path is already hidden below 2 cm Leca. The right picture shows the container open with the pump module, control box and the magnetic valve for water entry which allows individual control.

Both systems are connected to a source of de-hardened water in the technical area of the building.


The pressurized water provided by the pump modules is fed to the fogging units by means of 6 mm high pressure PVC hoses which are connected to nozzles holders in stainless steel.

The blowing direction of the nozzles was individually adjusted so that the foliage of the trees is being humidified from below.

The amount of humidification is controlled in interval mode (fog, pause, fog, pause, ...) individually for each part solely on time basis.

For protocoling the operating parameters an electronic data logger was "hidden" in the foliage.
The logger can store up to 16000 values for temperature and humidity.

The stored data can be read out from time to time to a PC for further evaluation of operating parameters.


Result : We were able not only to see to a "survival" of the delicate trees, the responsible garden specialist was impressed with the additional growth which followed installation of the systems.

When we compared the investment needed for the system it was found that the total costs of the system - including water de-hardening, data logger, etc...) amounted to approximately one third of all comparable offers which were submitted.

Technical Details:

  • 2 separate plant areas with coffee trees, Bananas and Philodendrons
  • 2 individual control circuits with one "exotic"- fogging plant each, 230V, 200W
  • 18 fogging nozzles typesK-100 and K-150, operating pressure 20 bar
  • Water : de-hardened tap water with 3 ° dH


Customer Profiles Small Systems
Art & Architecture


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