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fogblower Mistral

Fresh Air for Cool Guys "fogblower"

"fogblower" fogging fans provide a comfortable surrounding during the wintertime when the air is often much too dry indoors as well as during summer on a balcony, a terrace or in a porch.

As small fans - in tabletop design as well as with a standup column are quite reasonably priced, fixed or swivel-mounted, with several speeds, even in different colors, we recommend that our customers purchase the fan of their choice locally while we provide the additional parts to convert it to a fogging fan.

In case a customer wants us to deliver the fan we propose the silent and energy-saving Honeywell-Swivel-Fan shown in the picture. This appliance can be delivered as tabletop- or standup-column fan in 3 sizes with 3 or 4 speeds.

Pricing Honeywell-Fan (without fogging kit)                                                      Design as shown above

Fan Types, swivelling disengageable, tilt angle adjustable, protection IP20

incl. VAT

sFr excl. IVA

"HT-230", tabletop fan  230mm, 230V, 28W, performance 550m/h,
swivel angle 85, 3 speeds, sound level below 40dBA   *)



"HT-300", tabletop fan   300mm, 230V, 40W, performance 950m/h,
swivel angle  85, 2 speeds, sound level below 40dBA   *)



"HT-400", tabletop fan   400mm, 230V, 50W, performance 1.300m/h, swivel angle   85, 3 speeds, sound level below 50dBA   *)



"HS-400", standup fan  400mm, 230V, 50W,  1.450m/h,
swivel angle   85, 4 speeds, sound level below 50dBA   *)
column extendable to a height of 135 cm



"HSS-400", standup fan, increased motor power,  3.600m/h, diameter 45cm, 230V, 100W, 4 speeds, swivel angle  85, column extendable to a height of 135, sound level below 75dBA



Pricing basis shippable packed, shipping cost extra
(*: to compare: a normal talk between two persons has a sound level of more than 50dBA !)

Fogging Kits for Fans:

All kits described here consist of a circular stainless steel tube with welded nozzle mounts, nominal pressure class 150 bar, a hose adapter to connect to pressure hose 6mm, 3 m pressure hose (ND40 bar, UV-resistant, black) and the fogging nozzles as chosen.

Please deposit with your order whether the fogging fan should be connected to one of our 20-bar-pump modules of with a high pressure fogging system already available at your site. In the latter case the connecting adapter will be provided with a R3/8" inner thread connector for attaching to a high pressure hose.

As spares each fogging kit contains 10 nozzle filters (20 my separation) and a bag of nozzle cleaning granules.
For mounting the nozzle ring to the fan 10 10 UV-resistant cable-binders will be included.
Documentation: Cleaning of fogging nozzles

Fogging Kit

middle Ring-

for fan-

fogging nozzles nozzle type to chose
"fogblower-2" 165 mm 23 cm



"fogblower-3" 235 mm 30 cm



"fogblower-4" 300 mm 40 - 45 cm


K-100 or K-150,
resp. K-200 *)

*) Remark:: We recommend nozzle type K-200 (1.8 lit/hour at 20 bar or 3.6 lit/h at 50 bar) only with the powerful fan HSS-400 or when the nozzles can be fed with high pressure water at 50 bar.

Mounting the Nozzle Ring:

Mounting the nozzle ring is very simple and can be done by anybody. As tools you need just a sharp knife and universal pliers for fastening the hose.

The dimensions of the nozzle rings have been designed in a way that the emerging fog will be blown directly into the best position of the air stream flowing thru the fan. This position is usually two thirds of the diameter from the centre. The rings are fastened to the protection grill of the fan with the UV-resistant cable-binders. Fasten the ring so, that the hose-adapter point downwards.

Following this the pressure hose ( 6mm, 40 bar) connected to the pump outlet is drawn to the fan and plugged into the hose-adapter. Take care to add enough slack for swivelling fans - if the hose tightens too much the connection might leak.


Kit Type incl. fogging nozzles of your choice, shipping not included

incl. VAT

sFr excl. IVA

"fogblower-2" with 2 fogging nozzles and accessories



"fogblower-3" with 3 fogging nozzles and accessories



"fogblower-4" with 4 fogging nozzles and accessories



pressure release valve, mounted




Ten Year Full Guarantee for fogging nozzles and stainless steel nozzle ring.

Addon-Guarantee for Nozzles: fogging nozzles which cannot be cleaned anymore for whatever reason, although the provided instructions have been followed will be exchanged for nozzles of the same type without additional cost even after expiry of the guarantee !
Hoses and hose-adapters are plastic consumable components which cannot be covered with guarantee.

Fan Runout:

If the "fogblower" is used to climatize living rooms or office spaces it is recommended to have the fan run for a certain time after fogging has terminated, so that the fresh, moistened air is distributed evenly. If it would be a nuisance if the fan would run continuously this can be accomplished with a second switching clock of by means of a small control box we can provide as an addon.

Preventing Nozzle-Dripping:

The inherent elasticity of the pressure hoses may force the nozzles to spray a little water even after termination of a fogging cycle. This can be compensated by means of a fan runout. If the dripping is even then considered as a nuisance a so called relief-valve can be inserted near the feeder tank, so that surplus water can flow back into the tank. This option is included in out pricelist (see above).

Selection of a Pressure Pump:

The "fogblower"-kits are offered with a maximum of 6 fogging nozzles. Therefore all our energy saving low pressure modules are suitable:

  • All types from the series "tropic-IP65", either as standard model for tank connection, as submerged pump ("tropic-IP65-sub"), or with direct connection to an existing water tap ("tropic-IP65-dw"); all of them can be operated in interval- or pulse mode.
  • If you want a fogging fan to run continuously you can utilize our "C-flo" which uses two alternating pumps to operate continuously.
  • If you already have a high pressure pump installed (operating pressure 50 to 120 bar), you can use this system to feed your "fogblower", if you order a pressure hose adapter with R3/8" inner thread for connection to a high pressure feeder-hose.

Control-Variation for Climatization of Living Rooms or Office Spaces (during Wintertime)

To feel comfortable in a heated room not only the ambient temperature is significant, but also a permanent relative humidity of some 45 to 50%.

The control parameters for fogging and fogging-intervals in the control boxes of our small systems (e.g. tropic) have been designed firstly to meet the needs of tropical plants and exotic animals. Therefore their benefits in living room climatization are limited.

We offer a variation of our control box (type "PL-510") with modified time parameters which are the result of long term experiments to find the ideal air conditioning setting. According to the setting of the jumpers on the control box two different interval-modes can be set, whereby the fogging duration can be set individually:

time frame 1: fogging duration from 2 to 60 seconds, fixed interval 5 minutes, or
time frame 2: fogging duration from 2 to 120 seconds, fixed interval 10 minutes
Operating times are controlled with a standard switching clock.

Pricing for small system with standard control box or with control "PL-510" remains the same.

Fogging Fans

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fogblower Mistral


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