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The Small Fogging System
with gigantic Performance . . . . . . . . "exotic"

Following the presentation of our small system "tropic-IP65" on the Munich Orchid Fair in 2003 many potential users regretted the fact that the system was too small for their purposes. Following this demand we developed the system "exotic" which is now available with 2 or 3 pump modules running parallel and can humidify therefore a two- to three-fold culture-area. This system is mainly targeted at humidification and climatization of small glasshouses and wintergardens with a ground floor up to 25 m².

The emphasis is on the term "fog", because other, seemingly similar systems using tap-water or miniature pumps are in the best case spraying-systems or drip-watering-systems. The system provided by Plantfog is based on decades of experience in developing and setting up of high-pressure systems which are nowadays in use in many areas of forestry, agriculture and general technical applications

The Pumps:

Some technical details:

  • Heavy duty all-metal pumps which are cast into an aluminium-casing by means of a special watertight and sound-damping resin
  • Pressure per pump module 20.6 bar (!)
  • Protection against overheating
  • Recommended Nozzles:
    • "exotic-2" with 2 pump modules: up to 12 nozzles K-100 (0.8 lit/h) or up to 8 nozzles K-150 (1.2 lit/h)
    • "exotic-3" with 3 pump modules: up to 18 nozzlesK-100 or up to12 nozzles K-150


  • "exotic-2" length  x width x height….
    125 x 180 x 65 mm, weight c. 2.5kg
  • "exotic-3" length x width x height….
    190 x 180 x 65 mm, weight c 3.5 kg
  • Sound level in 1 m distance….
    45 to 55 dBA  
    (a normal conversation has 50 dBA)
  • Energy cost with continuous operation…..
    c 0.12 kWh (exotic-2) resp
    0.18 kWh (exotic-3) per hr

Electronic Control :

An electronic control box mounted directly onto the pump casing provides 3 settings which are designed especially for the care of exotic plants and animals. The designation "-IP65" shows that the control box is watertight and can be used without restrictions in a wet environment.

Control Functions:

Whenever the switching clock provided with the system connects to electric mains (230 V) the pump unit start to work in the selected mode - the control box ALWAYS starts with "interval" = slowly blinking LED.

  • An Impulse-function which allows upon actuation a simple fogging cycle with a fogging time which can be freely selected between 2 and 60 / 120 seconds - according to the timer switch
  • An Interval-Function where the fogging time can be set from 2 to 60 seconds with a fixed interval between the fogging cycles of 120 seconds
  • An Interval-function where the fogging cycles can be set from 2 to 120 seconds with a fixed interval of 60 seconds

The operating cycles end whenever the switching clock disconnects from electrical mains.

Setting the various parameters can be reviewed at
Setting the Timer Parameters for "tropic-IP65" and "exotic"


Delivered Goods for "exotic-2"- or "exotic-3"- basic systems

The basic system is configured to be connected to a water tank provided by the customer.

  • according to model 2 or 3 pressure pumps 230V, each c. 100W, 20,6 bar  
  • Electronic Control Box, watertight (IP65)
  • Connecting Cable 2m wetroom-plug
  • 24-hour switching clock with 15-minute intervals (only EU)
  • Tank connector: bulkhead connector with gasket
  • 50 cm PVC-feeder-hose Ø 8mm, black
  • Flushable pre-filter, 60 micron separation
  • 10 nozzle filters, separation 20 micron (spares)
  • 1 bag nozzle cleaning granules
  • Instructions for setting up and operating (in national language !)

Prices (ex stock)…excl. 20% VAT, + shipping charges

€ excl. VAT

"exotic-2", basis system


"exotic-3", basis system


Nozzles, hoses, fittings and other accessories according to your need, refer to our Component List

Possible Variations and Extension:

  • "exotic-2-ext" or "exotic-3-ext" basic system: the control box is designed for wall-mounting and connected to the pump module by means of 3 m connecting cable. All other components identical to a.m. standard system.
  • "exotic-2-sks" or "exotic-3-sks" basic system: standard system, however augmented with a floating switch to prevent dry running (floating switch for mounting in the feeder tank)

Other variations are tropic-dw (connecting to a tap water outlet) ... refer to Tap Devices
and tropic-sub (soundless submerged pump module) ... refer to Submerged Systems

Prices (ex stock)…excl. 20% VAT + shipping cost

€ excl. VAT














Controls by means of an External Sensor:

If desired a controlling sensor can be connected upstream to an "exotic"-system. Usually hygrostats (humidity sensors) are used. However, any switching sensor (temperature, light, movement, ...) can be used.

Installation of a sensor can be done any time after setup !

For all this versions the sensor is set into the electrical feeder cable: sensor-plug onto the switching clock (or into the mains socket), the plug of the pump module connects to the sensor ... ready for operation !


Available sensor can be found in our current Component List

Special Custom Made Controls :

For special applications we can provide on short notice custom made versions of control circuitry as well as "exotic"-systems. Just ask us ...


One year for the pump and accessories, ten years for fogging nozzles.

Addon-guarantee for nozzles: fogging nozzles which cannot be cleaned anymore will be exchanged free of charge - even after expiration of guarantee ! 

Setting Up:

Setting up the system is quite easy and can be accomplished by every layman.
Also refer to "Setting up Small Fogging Systems"

Extension of the basic systems for several fogging nozzles and larger systems can be reviewed here:
Configurations of Plants or Component List (with current prices)

Shipping and Payment:

Shipping will be done by postal parcel according to current postal tariffs and weight.
Payment by bank transfer FOLLOWING receipt of good and termination of trial operation.

Trial Operation:

Our customers are granted a trial period of 2 weeks where he/she can set up the system, test the operations to decide whether the investment fits all desires and needs.

If the customer keeps the system all components kept will be paid - superfluous parts (no hose rests) will be returned to us.

If the system does not match the needs and wishes of the customer he/she sends back all components - except shipping cost no additional cost will arise.
Expenses for shipping, used feeder hoses, cleaning etc are at our risc - the satisfaction of our customers is well worth this efforts !


Configurations Componentenlist + Pricing

Setup Hints

Small Systems 20 bar

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